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Contributor’s Bio: Chloe Dubocq

img_6659Chloe Dubocq is a junior, studying communications at Boston College. She is originally from the west coast, living in different cities scattered throughout, such as La Mirada, CA (Orange County region), Las Vegas, NV, and currently Portland, OR. Throughout her four years of high school, she attended Phillips Exeter Academy, which is an elite boarding school in Exeter, NH. Because Dubocq is continuing her education at Boston College, she considers herself well-adjusted to the New Englander’s way of life. She knows how to deal with four very different seasons of ever-changing weather; she understands the fast pace of life in the city; and she now supports the Boston Red Sox and the hopeful super bowl champions, the New England Patriots, as if they were her own hometown team.

Additionally, Dubocq is on the softball team at Boston College. As one would imagine, being a D1 athlete consumes a vast amount of time and commitment, but it also offers many rewards and opportunities to travel the country and to create impactful relationships with people around the country. Despite being an athlete, Dubocq is not your typical ‘dumb jock’ and strives to compete academically with other students at Boston College. She has taken a couple of journalism courses at Boston College and is interested in exploring her possible journalistic interests.

Boston College’s 2017 Softball season is here! Check out Chloe Dubocq in a video from the 2016 season:


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