Contributor’s Bio: Ashley Lajoie

Ashley is a Boston College senior majoring in Political Science who plans to go to law school in the future. She was born and raised just outside of Boston and is passionate about politics, fashion, and the environment. While at Boston College, her passions intensified and she is always looking to discuss her passions with others.

She says, “Fashion, politics, and environmentalism are not usually grouped together, but it is surprising how connected the three are. Women in politics are judged by the clothes they wear before their political ideas. Environmentalism has a more obvious connection to politics and the fashion industry. Climate change has been a crucial policy issue that requires rapid attention, and sustainability in textiles is the ultimate goal of environmentalists in the fashion industry.”

As a Political Science major, Ashley is able to analyze important political events from various perspectives. Her political interest lies in U.S.-Russia relations. She is currently working on a senior thesis on the New Cold War focusing on the foreign policy of United States presidents towards Russia and NATO influence on the development of the New Cold War.



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