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Contributor’s Bio: Christina Lee

Christina is currently a senior at Boston College, studying applied psychology and communication. She will be receiving her diploma along with a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts in May 2017. An avid reader of Vogue magazine since her teen years, Christina hopes to secure a career in fashion journalism upon graduation.

On a normal day, you can find Christina sipping her third cup of coffee whilst scrolling through multiple news apps on her iPhone; consuming an adequate amount of caffeine and staying up-to-date on current events are daily and essential routines for the young writer. At other times, you can find the native New Yorker enjoying pastimes such as watching indie films, reading autobiographies, people-watching, or online shopping. Her all-time favorite activity, however, is catching up with friends over weekend brunches. In fact, the writer’s favorite word in the entire English language is “brunch”.

In the new year, Christina hopes to accomplish three goals. First, she plans to read a minimum of at least one book per month. Next, she plans to become a more intentional person; in paying more attention to the people she cares about, she hopes to solidify the relationships that she treasures. Finally, and most importantly, she hopes to become a better writer. A firm believer of the idea that one can always be a better version of oneself, Christina plans to diligently practice the skill of writing, always making room for improvements.


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