Contributor’s Bio: Hayley Dowd


Hayley Dowd is currently a senior at Boston College, where she is majoring in communication. She was also a member of the women’s soccer team for four years.  She is currently pursuing a professional career in the sport with the Boston Breakers of the NWSL. 

Her interest lies primarily in sports, for they have been a mainstay in her life for the past 18 years.  From playing Little League Baseball to coaching camps at Boston College, sports are something that has always been constant.  

Hayley not only plays sports but, she is an avid sports fan. She primarily follows world soccer, and the New England Patriots..  You can often find her in front of the television on Saturday mornings indulging in the day’s Premier League action (go ManU!).  Anything that has to do with Tom Brady has her immediate attention (!!).

Hayley is pizza lover, always on the hunt for new places around town to try a slice.  If you are looking for a place in and around Boston, do not hesitate to ask, for she has probably been there before (Pinos is by far the best).

In her free time, she enjoys exploring the many unique destinations on the North Shore of Massachusetts. She grew up in the North Shore city of Peabody. Her favorite spots on the North Shore are the beaches of Plum Island in the summer during sunset, the Jaho Café in Salem, and Richardson’s Ice Cream in Middleton.



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