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Contributor’s Bio: Sammy Secrist

Sammy is a Boston College student dangerously close to being let loose in the real world. Born and raised in Fairfield, CT with a short stint in the foothills of the Rockies, she is an avid traveller, self-proclaimed slurpee enthusiast, aspiring dog owner, most likely to still use the phrase YOLO, and always ready for adventure (or naptime, whichever comes first). She spends her time on campus fueled by at least two cups of coffee and shuffling between her political science studies, attempting to plan for her post-grad life, volunteering as a tutor for a local elementary school, and being amazed at her friends’ curricular and extracurricular achievements. She has nurtured an enduring love of writing and, as a student of journalism, hopes to combine this with her interests in a wide array of subject matters in the pieces she writes for this site.


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