Contributor’s Bio: Yasmine Al-maimani

I am currently a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Arabic studies. I was born and raised in New York where I attended The Spence School, an all-girl school, for thirteen years. I strongly believe that this thirteen year education instilled many values in me that presently impact my actions and mindset. From Spence, I was taught to be curious, ask questions, and was always encouraged to actively participating in causes that truly impacted individuals around me.

Additionally, my culture is a large part of my daily life. I am a first generation American, with Arab-Iranian parents. Growing up in a Middle Eastern household, where Farsi was my first language, I always was taught to hold on to my Arab and Iranian culture . My background has provided me with a distinct perspective of the world that I have been able to translate into my pieces of writing. I greatly enjoy writing about my cultural origins in the context of current events as well as about other forms of creative writing.

Being a New Yorker has also had a significant impact on my character. I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to a vast number of cultures early on in my life, ultimately allowing me to converse with very different people and immerse myself in various different settings.


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