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Contributor’s Bio: Janelle Nanos

Janelle Nanos is a writer, editor, and journalism professor in Boston. She was raised on Long Island, New York, but thankfully does not have an accent. She attended Boston College and earned her master’s degree in journalism from New York University, where she helped launch the Livewire news service and was awarded a Knight Foundation Fellowship for her outstanding reporting. She is currently a business reporter at the Boston Globe covering technology, ideas, innovation, and startups. She also teaches a course in magazine writing at Boston College. In 2014, she was named a fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University.


Boston College

At the outset of her career, Nanos worked as a reporter at New York Magazine, where she covered a litany of subjects, among them: Wall Street floor brokers, nanny surveillance techniques, exploding manhole covers, 9/11 conspiracy theories, cancer survivors, senior citizen karaoke, dog-leash law wars, eldercare services, cold case detectives, presidential politics and celebrity gossip. She was regular contributor to the magazine’s “Intelligencer” news and “Strategist” service sections, as well as special issues on Travel, Best of New York, Best Doctors and the Wedding Guides.


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