Front of Book- Allure Magazine- October 2016

I chose to analyze the October 2016 issue of Allure magazine, which happened to also be their special 20th Anniversary issue.

Their front of book section begins with a short piece on their cover girl, Kendall Jenner’s, cover photoshoot. The piece most likely starts off the issue due to the fact that Kendall Jenner is an incredibly popular model and pop culture icon, and women would certainly like to gain a sneak peek into her apparently fabulous life. They may be wondering how they can achieve her distinct look or what it may be like to partake in such an exclusive event as a magazine photoshoot, and this small article offers a bit of insight.

The next short piece is a letter from the Allure Editor, Michelle Lee. In this succinct letter, Lee talks about the “Best of Beauty” awards that Allure uses to distinguish their favorite cosmetics and beauty products. This is most likely included here as a means of introducing the reader to the magazine they are about to read.

The following interludes include My Look, Beauty by Numbers, and Hair Inspiration, three segments that offer advice on various higher-end makeup and hair products that will purportedly allow the reader to look and feel as beautiful as the models that populate the various, interspersed ads. There are also a number of hair style options shown that offer creative ideas for readers who may be looking to enhance their current look. These short and sweet beauty stories are most likely included here as a means of further drawing in the reader as they are accessible to the average woman. Most girls that read Allure are probably interested in style, and so stories that offer style advice may pique the interest of such readers.

Overall, these stories appear to be fluffier, relatable, more topical pieces that draw the eye of the reader but also keep them wanting something a bit more substantial, something that they would most likely find in the middle of the magazine.



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