Front of Book: Interview Magazine February 2017

I chose to read Interview magazine’s February Issue 2017, which features Solange Knowles on the cover. Interview’s cover features a large portrait of Solange Knowles with  he main headline promoting an interview of Solange Knowles by Beyonce. Not surprisingly, the magazine begins with a few pages of advertisements followed by the table of contents of this particular issue. Interestingly, the table of contents is not in chronological order, but begins with  stating the location of the lead story about Solange Knowles.

The front of the book of Interview features an interview with Actress Jessica Henwick accompanied by a portrait of her . Following this interview, there is a interview on Bob Dylan’s grandson, Levi Dylan,  discussing his modeling, acting and producing career. His article features two large photos that take up the majority of the two pages of his feature. The next few articles are musically oriented, one with an interview with The Orwells on their second album and the second on Ray BLK on her debut album. An interview with designer Francesco Ragazzi follows where he discuses his inspiration for his clothing line and his role as creative director for Moncler. Following this interview is an interview with actress Christine Baranski on her lead in a new television show.

Interview Magazine’s FOB pieces are geared towards artistic news of various musicians and actors combined. As the reader reads through the magazine, the articles get lengthier with interviews with various individuals in the artistic world that are more widely known.


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