Front of Book: Sports Illustrated, January 30, 2017

The magazine that I chose to observe was Sports Illustrated.  Through the years, this is a magazine that was always around my house.  Since this observation, it dawned on me that my favorite part of the magazine is the front of the book pieces.

Everyone knows Sports Illustrated for their famous covers.  The issue I chose was the last one before the Super Bowl and it feature images of both Tom Brady and Matt Ryan.

The table of contents was the first page of the magazine.  SI cleverly renamed this section the “Lineup.” It gave a rundown of what to expect in the issue and included a picture of the subject of one of the feature stories.

The next page features a short interview with a breakout NFL star, Cordarrelle Patterson.  The interview was brief and focused on the NFL’s next season.

The next section is titled “Leading Off” and feature three of the week’s best pictures in the sports world.  The first image featured Serena Williams playing in the Australian open.  The next picture featured one from professional bull riding.  The last picture features one of the nation’s best college basketball teams, Arizona.

The reader is next hit with the “Inbox,” where readers’ thoughts are published.  The comments range from funny to critical. The critical comment said that SI should have elongated their story on former NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire.

The last section is titled the “Scorecard.” Within this section, there are five different stories. The first story was about the death of Kansas City Royals pitcher, Yordano Ventura.  The next story is about Donald Trump.  The brief story focuses on Trump’s view of the sports world.  On the side bar of this page, SI included San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich’s opinions on the newly elected president.  The next article was about a condition called rhabdomyolysis, which affects the muscles and of athletes and can cause great pain.  The story focused on college athletes, in light of the recent hospitalizations of Oregon Football players after intense workouts.  SI even offers tips on how to avoid/manage this condition. The next page was SI’s weekly “Faces in the Crowd,” where young athletes who have achieved something are recognized. The last page of the front of book section features a brief interview about a man who has climbed Mt. Everest three times. The side bar on this page is titled “What to Watch” and lets sports fans know what they should be watching this week.

As a whole, the stories were short and included many pictures to catch the readers’ eye.  They were interesting and differed greatly from the feature stories.  We had the typical football stories, but bull riding and mountain climbing even got some love.  Politics were even briefly thrown in there.  As a sports magazine, they did a very good job of including several different sports to accommodate all of their readers.  The front of book section proved to be very diverse and interesting.


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