Front of Book Pitch: Soothing the Graduation Anxiety

As a senior here at BC, the anxiety everyone feels over graduating in less than 100 days is very palpable. Many are trying to secure that elusive job, land an acceptance to grad school, or get into a competitive post-grad volunteering program; others have no idea what they want to do and are simply avoiding the issue. On the flip side, even those who seemingly have it all figured out are nervous about the uncertainties of the next 6 months.


My poor former roommate, who graduated a whole year early

I think it would be useful for everyone in the senior class to hear some insight into the post-grad experience from those who have been there recently—namely, recent alumni from the Class of 2016. (Life after BC can’t be that bad, right?) As such, this article would feature six different alums—whom I’ve already identified—that ventured into various fields, with all of the BC undergraduate schools represented (CSOM, CSON, MCAS, and LSOE). It would be published in late April/early May, just in time for graduation.

The format of the article will be image-heavy, with a headshot of each alumnus accompanied by their responses to interview questions, arranged in a circle on the page with a small amount of written content in the center to introduce the concept. Ideally, it would run in a print edition of Boston College Magazine, as that would allow for the imagery to be most fully appreciated by the reader and would reach a wide audience (students, parents, alumni, etc.). The questions asked would address the alums’ career satisfaction, transition into post-grad life, expectations vs. realities, biggest pieces of advice for graduating seniors, etc.

I’d love to hear feedback from fellow students about whether this is something they would be interested in reading. I think it would also fare well with a parent audience, as it will help to assuage the fears that they might have about their kid being a little “lost” when it comes to post-grad planning.


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