FOB Pitch: New movie, “I am Jane Doe,” calls attention to the darker depths of the US

“I am Jane Doe” was just recently released and chronicles the stories of multiple mothers battling against backpage.com for facilitating child sex trafficking in the adult segment of their website. The documentary calls attention to CDA 230, stating that, “no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider” and thus protecting CEO of backpage.com, Carl Ferrer, from accusations towards the crimes committed on the website. With this I think the documentary is an interesting FOB because it highlights some bigger issues at stake. First and foremost, sex trafficking is a prominent issue in the United States, but such as the industry takes place in the hidden crevasses of the United States, as is much of the media coverage and awareness of the issue. While indisputably discussed and recognized as a modern problem it remains ignored unless sporadically brought into the spotlight for a brief period in short films and documentaries. This begs the question that the film poses, “what kind of America are we building?” with a preference for blatant disregard for the unseen tragedies. Furthermore, the next big question brought up by the film is Internet regulations, and how they have not been modified sufficiently with the progression of the Internet.


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