FOB Pitch – Women Around the World: Katie Numi Usher

Katie Numi Usher is an artist, co-editor for a cultural magazine, manager, writer, and children’s yoga teacher. At only 30 years old, Usher takes bold strides to challenge the status quo through her artwork, and has been featured in many exhibits. She uses social media to spread awareness and start positive action for many of the causes she cares about and has been personally affected by, including poverty, mental health, and social issues. Strolling alongside Usher in her hometown, you’d notice how easily she smiles, how confidently she walks, and how happy everyone she greets is to see her. What you wouldn’t immediately notice is that Usher lives in a country where there is an 83.33% chance that she makes less money than she would in the U.S.; a country with 41% of the population living below the poverty line (to compare, the U.S. has around 13.5%). Vibrant, lively, and full of passion, Usher is a bright light of hope in the teeming downtown of Belize City, Belize.

One of Usher’s largest passions is the issue of women’s rights. She has recently been pushing for the development of a Women in Art 2017 exhibit by the National Institute of Culture and History in Belize—an exhibit which has been terminated without explanation. As a social media veteran, Usher has taken to Facebook and Instagram to spread the word and garner support, under the hashtag #womeninartbelize2017. In her words, “March is Women’s Month. There should be no March without a Women in Art exhibit and concert.”

With International Women’s History Month just one month away, and the recent focus on women’s rights due to the marches after the U.S. inauguration, this piece is timely and relevant. Depending on how it is spun, this article could be featured in the FOB for many different magazines. It would fit well into Cosmo, Vogue, Elle, or Seventeen with an emphasis on women’s rights and young women having an impact. The piece could also be spun for TIME or The Atlantic with a greater focus on the internationality and politics of what Usher is advocating. This article would be printed in a traditional format with mostly words and photos of Usher and her artwork, with small sidebars that give more information about the different projects that she is involved in.


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