Front of Book Pitch: Living Life Left-Handed


“Are you left-handed?”  This is a question that I have answered countless times starting during my days as an elementary student all the way through college.  Yes, I was an asset when it came to sports.  Everyone loved a lefty pitcher or someone to play first base.  My left-footed cross was also seen as a positive on the soccer pitch. Although we can be assets, do righties even know what it truly means to be a lefty?

As a left-handed student, it is amazing the small struggles we battle on a daily basis. What seems mundane and routine to right-handed folk can come as a great struggle to the left-handed people on campuses.  

I think this would be a fun article, both for lefties and righties.  It is intended to be funny and serve as informative for righties and assuring for lefties.  I was the reaction of “Thank god, I thought I was the only one” from lefties.  

This piece would be written in a list format with 8-10 ways that being left-handed on a college campus can cause some difficulty.  There would be plenty of pictures. I also do not want the whole piece to be negative, so there will be a bonus section.  This will be a short section of “Lefty fun facts.”

 I would want this piece to be in either Boston College magazine or College magazine (http://www.collegemagazine.com/).  College Magazine is more informal and they have a Boston College section online, so I think this would be a better fit.  

Although it is a light topic, would this be something that would interest people?  I am also torn between making this piece a list or an actual story.  The list would be the most aesthetically pleasing, but a story could also be fun.


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