Front of the Book pitch- FOEA: the fear of eating alone

A couple of days ago, I was walking to the cafeteria with my friend when she asked me a question out of the blue: Have you ever eaten by yourself at a restaurant? I answered back confidently, Yes. It struck me then, for the first time ever, that I am completely OK with eating by myself. I felt extremely proud of myself in that moment. In the past, there have been so many times that I’ve wanted to eat a meal at a restaurant but decided not to go because I had no one to eat with. The thought of sitting alone and ordering a meal for myself, seemed foreign and grotesque. It took practice and real effort to get to where I am today.

Millie’s question stuck with me throughout the day. We were running late to class, hence my being unable to hear her response to whether or not she’s ever eaten alone at a restaurant; somehow, I think I already knew the answer. I used to be just like Millie, but how did I overcome my fear? Were other people afraid of eating alone too? I decided in that moment that this was the topic I wanted to write my FOB story on.

With less than one hundred days left until graduation, the class of 2017 is concerned with a plethora of things: scrambling to find the perfect spring break package, searching everywhere for the perfect graduation dress, finding a job, etc. But in this mesh of concerns is one that is stable and may never go away: the fear of eating alone. With less than three months left of college, many seniors still struggle with this eating alone. To some, it’s more nerve-wracking than adult-ing! I argue that it is easy and plan to find others at BC who have eaten alone. I want to also ask them for their tips on how someone who’s never done this can go about it.

I will be collecting the best quotes from each of the 10 individuals that I plan to interview and adding them under their pictures. The tone of my article will be light and fun; this is to ensure that my target audience, college students, will be engaged throughout the entire story. I want them also to be able to relate to the article, either because they themselves are this person who cannot eat alone or know someone who cannot.

My story would run in the Lifestyle and Living section of Vogue magazine. While my target audience is college students, I believe that this is an enticing enough story that will captivate parents, out-of-school working individuals, and more. Because eating is something we all do every single day, it is relatable to each person who reads this story. I would love to hear what people think about this story.

eating alone.gif





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