Pitch: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

It’s mid-February; Valentine’s Day is upon us, and for BC students, that means that spring break is only a few short weeks away. With the recent escalation in snowfall completely obliterating our seemingly mild winter, I am sure that sunny getaways are difficult for students to keep out of their minds. While some students, probably the majority of students, will spend their break in exotic lands bathing in sunlight and partaking in wonderfully relaxing activities, other students will use this week in other very interesting ways. For example, a friend of mine is going away on a Natchez service trip while another is studying abroad for the week in Kuwait. I think it would be very interesting to interview both of these students to see what inspired them to go on these trips, what their itinerary is, and what they hope to accomplish and learn. I think that such information would generally be fascinating, but I also think that it may be helpful to other students who did not know such opportunities existed. The article would also be submitted right before spring break, and so its potential publication would be relevant and timely.


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