Living (College) Life Left-Handed

“Are you left-handed?”  this is a question that left-handed people hear way too often. Not only this, but we are constantly hearing about how being left handed is a negative thing. A recent Harvard study revealed that lefties earn less than righties do in the workplace.  Also, a recent Yale Study found that left-handed people are at greater risk of psychotic disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression.  Does it get better in college? Here’s a fun list to give you an idea:

  1. Lack of Left Handed desks- More professors are prohibiting computer use in
    the classroom.  This is met with a groan by lefties because most of the classrooms at Boston College (trust me, I have had a class in almost every building) do not have left-handed desks.  Taking notes on a “normal” desk can cause discomfort, especially in the back, as the student is comporting their body in unrealistic ways just to jot down some notes.
  2. Pencil= No Go- Maybe this is why I HATE math.  When using a pencil, most of the lead ends up along my pinky finger (sometimes down to my wrist), leaving a trail of smudges across the paper.  As a senior, I do not own a pencil and scramble to find one for taking a scantron test.  Most of the penciled in dots end up on my hand anyway.10075654l.gif
  3. Blue Book Blues-  It does not matter what color ink you use (I prefer blue), because that ink (like the lead) will end up all over your left hand.  I look like a preschooler learning to use writing utensils for the first time. It is almost as if the faster you write; the more ink ends up on your hand.  The hand requires a deep scrub after this test-taking fiasco.
  4. Dinner Table Troubles- Going to dinner, whether it be Lower or any local restaurant, requires stealthy consideration.  You must act quickly to get the best 635760342730175655-1312617445_23-soul-crushing-problems-only-left-handed-people-understand11seat possible (usually the outside seat), so your left elbow does not interfere your right-handed counterparts.
  5. Spiral Notebook Nonsense- Trying to rapidly jot down notes in a lecture may not seem like such a terrible task. BUT when you have the stubborn wire of the notebook making permanent indents in your hand, this task becom
    es a little more of a nuisance
  6. White Board Woes- Through college, getting called up to write on a whiteboard gave me the utmost anxiety. Similar to a blue book and writing with pencil, most of the marker ends up on the outside of my pinky.  And who even knows if what I just scrawled on the board is even legible to my peers?


BUT here’s some ideas to get you through the struggle:

  1. There is an online store that sells products made specifically for left handed people. They sell things like lefty scissors and notebooks.
  2. Lefties have the advantage in sports.  They train agadownload-1inst righties and can easily adjust when facing a lefty.  Righties cannot do this as easily.
  3. Famous left-handers include Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Oprah, Celine Dion, Morgan Freem
    an, and Angelina Jdownloadolie. (!!)

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