Super Team NBA

Era of the Super Team?

Are they good for the NBA?

The age of the super team is upon us. Many of the league top players are now joining forces to compete for the Larry O’Brien trophy come June. But are they actually competing? Does the formation of super teams limit the overall competition in the NBA? These questions are constantly being thrown into the debate about the direction of the league. Since the summer of 2011, when LeBron James infamously made his decision to join the Miami heat sparking the super team era, there have been five different NBA champions.imgres-1

Compared to the previous 10 years where we also saw only 5 teams hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy. This statistic alone screams the NBA is still competitive, if not the most competitive it has been in recent memory. To get a better understanding of how the league is perceived I asked local fans about how they feel about the direction the NBA is headed.

Q: “How do you feel about Kevin Durant joining the Warriors?”

Fan A: “It was a cop out. He joined one of the best teams ever. I guess if you can’t beat em… join em”

Q: “Are super teams ruining the game of Basketball?”

Fan A: “I wouldn’t say ruining but the regular season doesn’t mean much any more. You can pretty much guess who will be in the Finals now-a-days.”

But is the formation of super teams a recent phenomenon?

Hurts me as a Celtic fan to admit but its not…

imgres 2008 Boston Celtics

We can take a look even further…

images 1996 Houston Rockets

And what about Show Time?

imgres-2 1980s Los angelos Lakers

Super Teams don’t seem to be just a relic of todays game. In fact, they have been almost synonymous with any champions and or dynasty team. Basketball at its core is a team game. I makes sense that it would take three or four great players to win championship in a league filled top to bottom with some of the best athletes in the world.




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