Best of Boston College



The smell of stale beer is the first hint that you’re not entering the decorated halls of a converted gothic home on this historic campus, but housing for seniors that more resemble barns. Wobbly rails lead up to the second floor where stained carpets tell stories current residents’ parents can’t remember. The Mods have been temporarily permanent since 1975, and their withstanding decades of parties, concealed dogs, vomit, and tailgates have rendered their dented walls incapable of being torn down for they’re protected by student traditions that would disturb even the coolest of parents.



In a dark study illuminated by rows of stain glass windows, stands a grand piano surrounded by cushy leather arm chairs. It has oak shelves for walls stuffed with ancient books filling the room with smells of old paper. At the center of the room are four large tables surrounded by chairs. Gasson Commons, a small library on the first floor of Gasson Hall, fits perfectly in the iconic gothic building and offers a warm reading retreat.



Dance Ensemble is composed of leggy women who are just as graceful up close as they are from the audience. The team hosts two shows every year and gives all proceeds to the Campus School, the special education school in Campion. The dancers are exceptionally trained in ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary and perform jaw-dropping routines that never fail to include turn sequences where the dancers spin in sync, in perfect formation, balancing on one leg.



To work up an aggressive sweat, no class can beat BC-X. Taught by a slim and energetic student and her sturdy assistant, the class is made up of short routines to be repeated a number of times that would seem obscene to the physically inexperienced. The routines include rigorous ab sequences, jogging in place, and high-knee jumps all to the soundtrack of her encouraging words and calling out slackers for her assistant to go rescue.


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