Best Of BC

Best BC Tradition


The air is crisp and bright lights shine down on the green grass of Alumni Stadium. The bleachers are filled with shades of yellow and maroon as students file in excited to be experiencing one of BC’s best traditions: football season. Boston College students enjoy tailgating before walking over to Alumni Stadium to cheer for their favorite team. No matter the score Boston College students are always eager to sing and cheer for their fellow eagles.


Most Instagrammable spot


Beautiful gothic architecture that has withstood the test of time, with a tower that can be seen from the streets of Chestnut Hill to the study lounges on the far side of St. Thomas More Apartments, Gasson Hall is the most Instagrammable spot on campus. Nestled at the far end of the quad, students, prospective students, parents, alumni, and professors take out their cameras to snap away countless “Gasson grams” of what is arguably the most photogenic college building.


Best Volunteer Group


Boston College has a plethora of volunteer and service trips, but there are none like the DR Service Trip. This service trip brings learning and immersion to the next level by educating service trip members about all aspects of the Dominican Republic, especially in respect to the poverty and culture of the country. Members bring physical donations to the DR, and they come back with a newfound understanding of the world around them.


Best Season on Campus


The campus is a sea of sun dresses and shorts, indicative of the return of warm weather after the endless cold of winter. Walking through the quad presents an image of students laying on the green grass hanging with friends and doing homework. On lower campus, students play football in the grass outside of their dorm rooms. No BC spring is complete without perfectly coordinated yellow and red tulips and green, freshly laid grass.


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