Best of BC

Best Group Study Areas

The glass box located in middle of the first floor of O’Neill is the ultimate spot for study groups. The clear glass box consists of a spacious room with tables and rolling office chairs to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the potential late night study sessions. The walls are entirely covered by a white board surface to further enhance group study sessions by creating a visual  and interactive study experience.  The sound proof space allows for a comfortable area to speak without the worry of angering fellow O’Neill goers outside the box. So next time you are seeking the perfect group study area, visit the glass box!

Best Quiet Study Area

Located on the ground floor of McGuinn, the individual cubicles in the Social Work Library provide a quiet, brightly lit atmosphere perfect for a student who aims to have highly productive day. Making your way past the modern entrance of this library into the very back, you will find a dozen spacious cubicles each equipped with two outlets perfect for charging any devices needed for studying. Aside from the physical attributions of the Social Work cubicles, it also is the perfect spot to not be distracted, as the library is particularly populated by graduate students all deep in studies.

Best Concert Venue

The House of Blues is the perfect concert venue to watch your favorite artist preform. The venue is the perfect in-between size with great stage lighting and sound equipment to ensure that you are experiencing an intimate and carefully curated performance worth the price of the ticket. The casual, yet historical venue has colorful wall decorations and offers a full bar that overlooks the stage so you won’t miss a second of the concert. The venue’s diverse musical acts also contributes to its appeal with upcoming performances from artists like Led Zepplin, Big Sean and Maluma. (15 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215, (888) 693-2583)

Best Coffee Shop Off Campus

A few T stops on the B line or a ten minute drive lands you at Tatte Bakery Brookline, a chic bakery that was taken right out of Europe.The fashionably and crisply decorated spot provides a great ambiance for both social gatherings and study sessions. The Mediterranean inspired menu ranges from crunchy fresh salads to quiches and warm pressed sandwiches. In addition to the delicious savory menu, fresh pastries and desserts such as pistachio croissants and rose infused brownies are beautifully displayed behind glass. Along with the tasty food and treats, the beverages are a must try. The velvety rich cappuccinos and freshly brewed coffee are most popular as well as the mint-infused fresh lemonade. (1003 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446, (617) 232-2200)


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