Best of BC

Sweetest housing option:

Long gone are the days when the mods were every BC senior’s dream place to live on campus. As of the building’s completion in 2016, 2150 is officially the new “cool”. Walk into the gorgeous apartment and see for yourself everything you can’t at the mods: polished marble floors, new furniture, beautiful flat screen TVs, and incredibly spacious study lounges. Sorry Mods, you’re old school now.



Best sandwich on campus:

Ever find yourself unsure of what to eat on a lovely Tuesday afternoon? Think no further and head over to Hillside Café at Boston College where you’ll find the most delicious Fig n’ cheese panini. Paired with crispy home-made potato chips, the heavenly grilled-to-perfection sandwich will make your entire day. If you’re into melted cheese (because who isn’t) and frighteningly tasty fig jam, don’t think twice about ordering this item. You can thank me later.



Best service trip:

Have you ever eaten a Koolickle? Have you ever been to the South? Here’s your chance to do both! Click this link to apply to BC’s #1 service trip: The Mississippi Delta Volunteer Corps. Sponsored by BC’s very own Learning to Learn faculty, our trip will take you on a heartfelt ride to the small town of Quipman County, where you’ll encounter the friendliest locals and tutor adorable elementary school students. Don’t wait. Apply now!




Best date night:

For those of you looking to plan the perfect date night out, listen carefully. Located just steps away from Downtown Crossing is a quaint, gem of a restaurant called Yvonne’s. Boasting a fantastic array of delicious American cuisines and charming cocktail options, Yvonne’s is one of Boston’s absolute finest places to dine. Posh ambiance, exquisite service, delectable dessert, and incredible décor is the essence of Yvonne’s. Fellas, you’ll certainly be getting a second date after this!



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