Best of BC

Best way to avoid the million dollar stairs
For those of us not always amused by the ‘plex all day’ BC culture, the million dollar stairs can be just another daunting reminder of the physical activity we didn’t sign up for when we woke up. Luckily, there’s an alternative route:
Step 1: First and foremost, walk past the million dollar stairs and never look back
Step 2: Walk through the side doors of hillside; if you’re lucky someone will be there to hold it open, as the main goal is minimal physical exertion
Step 3: Pick up a nice sandwich from Hillside on your way (you’ve earned it with all that walking)
Step 4: Proceed to the main lobby of Maloney where you will find the blessed elevators, from there press level 4
Step 5: Exit Maloney on the fourth floor and walk into the back room of O’Neil to find your second set of elevators
Step 6: Get out on level 3 of O’Neil and walk through the library doors where you will have successfully avoided the million dollar stairs
Step 7 (optional): Leaving O’Neil puts you in a prime spot for a snap of gasson on a sunny day

Best coffee shop with Wi-Fi
Studying in the corners of O’Neil can easily be swapped for the aromatic pleasures of Fuel America’s Brighton coffee shop. Their dark roasted, gourmet coffee with smoky flavors that indulge all the intensity of its rich natural taste prompts an energetic study session with Fuel’s free Wi-Fi. Taking advantage of their appetizing sweet toasts or golden warm sandwiches (the savor of the Cuban is a must try) makes the hours fly- and for those seeking a healthier option to boost the brain cells Fuel offers an array of fresh smoothies, juices, and salads all drenched in flavor and delight, without the guilt.

Best salad bar
Healthy eating at Boston College can be easy with Eagle’s salad bar located in the second floor of McElroy. A variety of leafy greens are offered to base your salad, and with an array of toppings to pick from this can easily become your favorite lunchtime spot. Dulcify a light salad with juicy fruit or savor the taste with some of their smooth guacamole. If you are looking for something more filling to dress your salad, choose one of their proteins ranging from chicken to tofu, which can be complimented by grains to add to your flavorsome picks.

Thursday night bars
With a tiring school week coming to a close, Thursdays at “The Lansdowne Pub” are the most anticipated nights for Boston College’s ‘21+’ crowd. Its large, open venue guarantees a quick line outside and more time to enjoy the New England charm of a traditional, rustic Boston pub right in the heart of Fenway. With a large bar and plenty of everyone’s classic drinks to choose from, you’ll finally be able to muster up the courage and talk to the hot stranger sitting next to you in econ 101.


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