Best of BC

Best Off-Campus Street to Live On: Gerald Road

A little-known BC secret is the merit of living just off of the main off-campus road—and that’s because relatively few students live there. Gerald Road offers all of the excitement of off-campus (Loud music! Bonfires! Parties!) without the hassle, as Foster Street, the popular and rambunctious street crowded with students, runs parallel to it. Unlike Foster, Gerald is quieter when you want it to be, while being the same distance from the fun. Just steps away from the B-line and the BC Shuttle stop, Gerald is the ideal off-campus street!


Best Bakery Treat for the Sweet Tooth: Blueberry Muffin

Sometimes that turkey and Swiss just doesn’t cut it, and you’re looking for a sugar fix. Or sometimes you’re running late for your 12 o’clock, and need something to hold you over. BC Dining Service’s bakery is top-notch, but it’s easy to get lost in the options. Look no further: nothing compares to the classic blueberry muffins. Soft, moist, always in stock, and not too heavy, these golden muffins can satisfy any craving without leaving you with a guilty I-can’t-believe-I-just-ate-that-giant-brownie feeling. If you catch them at the right time (in the morning), they’ll be warm, too!


Best Tailgating Location: Mods

While Shea Field had its time in the spotlight, it has since fallen in popularity to the Mods for football tailgating. The 21+ age rule is strict, but allows seniors to enjoy themselves without worries of troublesome underclassmen (and they bend the rule for siblings). On game days, fully stocked buffets and coolers are aplenty, courtesy of the proud parents of Mod residents. The Mod quads are the go-to place for a successful tailgate, complete with smiles, laughter, singing, and dancing, and even the occasional shot-gunning father.


Best Hole-in-the-Wall Breakfast Joint: Moogy’s

Located just off of South Street, Moogy’s is perfect for a leisurely breakfast with pals. From its clever signs to its funky menu options (“Whacha-ma-callit,” “Where’s Waldo,” “Dizzy Pig,” or ten different kinds of fries), the place is filled with a confidently quirky personality. Too late for breakfast? No worries—Moogy’s serves breakfast all day. Way too late for breakfast? Have no fear—Moogy’s doubles as a bar. No matter what time of day, grab a spacious booth, pick up a board game from behind the bar, and enjoy the neighborhood feel of Moogy’s—you belong there.


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