Best of BC

Most Likely to See a Mouse in this BC Dorm


     Located in the scenic hillsides living community, Rubenstein is an older dorm building that, although a bit run down and unsightly, retains the charm that inevitably follows years of seniors making their final, most treasured memories there. The occupants may change, but one thing remains constant in this building: its pesky pest problem. If you don’t mind a mouse skittering across your kitchen floor from time to time, this building is for you. Located off of Campanella Way.

Best Place to Study Outside


     On a rare sunny day, you can find flocks of BC students lounging on benches and across the grassy quad until nightfall. If you’re looking to enjoy the sun while still being productive, the best place to really hunker down and get work done outdoors is Stokes Amphitheater. The ascending stone ledges make for seating just comfortable enough that you can feel relaxed while still concentrating on those harrowing assignments. Located behind Stokes South and next to MacElroy Dining Hall.

Best Art Event


     One of the most lively weekends on campus is arts fest weekend, the time during which all arts groups regardless of their niche come together to offer showcases for peers and parents to attend. The festival is divided between three tents, but special events can be found all over campus. You could potentially see standup comedy, dance, theater, and perhaps a fine arts showcase all in the same day, and the coincidental arrival of springtime makes the weekend that much more enjoyable. Runs the last weekend of April.

Best On-Campus Job


     Have you ever paid to see a show in Robsham? Now, imagine that instead of paying for that event, you could have been paid to watch it. Become an usher and make money by scanning tickets, watching a thrilling dance or theater performance, and making sure the theater is decently presentable afterwards. Sounds like an easy enough job to me. Inquire about employment in the Robsham Theater Arts Center located on Campanella Way.


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