Best of BC

Retreat: Kairos

Retreat opportunities are a defining element of Boston College and provide important opportunities for students to pause, reflect, and be refreshed in the midst of busy academic and social schedules. Each retreat is designed to help students of all faith backgrounds to become more intentionally attentive to themselves, others, and God. Kairos is a standout. The student-run program seeks to deepen or begin a student’s connection to their individual spirituality through talks, small group discussions, and some special Kairos surprises that are not to miss. Ready to step back from the demands of life at Boston College? Sign up for Kairos here: https://limonium.bc.edu/fmi/webd#Ksignup or contact John Glynn, Campus Minister for Kairos, with any questions: john.glynn.4 @bc.edu

Best party dorm: Walsh

While the allure of a Mod party will forever capture the imaginations of those waiting to enter the modest box of a home and the rush that comes with the simple phrase, “who do you know here?” will never dissipate, the award for best party dorm at BC must go to the one and only Walsh Hall. Saturday nights in Walsh meet all the elements of a good underclassman party: sweaty, rowdy, rubi, and fraught with the risk of a write up (sophmores≠21). The hangovers, questions, and chicken fingers strewn along the elevators the next morning are just icing on the cake. Exclusively sophomore, Walsh is a BC right of passage and certainly not to be missed.

Best lecture hall for 100+ class: Devlin 008

You’ll be well acquainted with Devlin 008 far before you arrive at BC for your first semester, with tours and orientation events frequenting the sizeable lecture hall. With its highly accommodating volume, relatively comfortable seats and central location, Devlin 008 is certainly the best lecture hall for those large, intro-level or core classes all BC students take.

Allergy-free library zone: Fifth Floor O’Neill

Buckling down to write a midterm paper or study for a final exam is punishing enough without the added concern of an allergy attack taking you out mid study guide. For allergy sufferers in a library filled with blissfully unaware students snacking on whatever their hearts desire, death by homework has never felt so real. Enter O’Neill Library’s fifth floor food free zone, aka the allergy afflicted’s nirvana. Free of food and free of the threat of anaphylaxis, that A+ has never been more attainable.


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