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Walsh Hall, a perennial favorite of Boston College sophomores, might be the clunkiest, most eyesore-inducing dormitory on lower campus, but it’s also definitely in the running for most rowdy. The central location, famed 8-mans, and folkloric aura have earned it a reputation as a tried-and-true party dorm. Being the underage enclave that it is, you’re likely to be around friends at any given time but at the mercy of vigilant RDs and their rank-and-file RA footsoldiers. Imbibing and gathering late into the night might be the de facto Walsh weekend past time, but buyer beware – sanctions and write-ups come easy. (100)

Month at BC

In September at Boston College, spirits are high and the stakes are low. As Eagles return to The Heights, the grass in the mods is still green and the monotony of brutal Boston winters is months away. What’s more, the 30 days of September are filled with home football games, syllabus week, and Labor Day Weekend. At this fresh, young point of the schoolyear, grudges, drama, career stress, and existential reckoning be damned – it’s too early to think about any of that! As long as you don’t mind a bit of sweat, September is BC at its best. (98)

Intramural Sport

A vertiginous, fast-paced offshoot of its big brother volleyball, ‘wallyball’ is the dark horse of BC intramurals. The game, which fits 8 bodies into a confined, claustrophobic rectangle-cube meant for racquetball, consists of dueling teams each with 2 boys and 2 girls, a regulation-size volleyball, and a dwarf net that splits the room down the middle. The playing field is refreshingly level in a competition where it takes a few rounds to fully grasp the rules and even longer for your brain to comprehend the physics and trajectories of a volleyball bouncing madly on the walls around you. (98)

Running Route

The reservoir isn’t the only storied, convenient body of water that you can run along near Boston College. The Charles River – just a couple of miles away – offers a more dynamic experience that will satisfy light joggers and diehard marathoners alike. This iconic dirty river is a big draw for other recreationalists too; catch college-aged rowers near BC, BU, Harvard, and MIT or further down, sailboats near the mouth of the river that splits Boston and Cambridge. If you tire of going in one direction, try the other: the Charles starts in Hopkinton and snakes 80 miles to the harbor. (99)


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