Travel: Miami for the Broke College Student

Intro= 120

Miami is one of America’s hottest destinations for young people seeking a mix of warm weather, parties, and even some culture. Home to some of the best beaches, bars, and authentic Cuban cuisine, Miami offers a cornucopia of activities and attractions perfect for any spring breaker. However, endless nights filled with clubs and cocktails can cause your bank account to take a beating. Learn the financially friendly way to navigate the city by day and by night. Your wallet will thank you.

3 things you have to see = 250 words in total

–          South beach

–          Cocowalk

–          Omni

3 great local places to eat = 150 words in total (possible quotes from bar owners)

–          Savory Bakery and Café

–          Dogma Grill

–          Havana 1957

Cool day trip to visit =120 words

–          South Beach Snorkel- $15 for a mask and flippers,  Go snorkeling in Jose Cuervo Reef

4 affordable nightclubs/bars= 250 words

–          Twist

–          Set

–          Purdy Lounge

–          Plot

3 Affordable housing options = 150 words

–          Airbnb option

–          Zocean Hotel

–          Miami Sun Hotel

Don’t leave this place without visiting 3 iconic cultural attractions that must be seen = 150 words

–          World Erotic Art Museum

–          Perez Art Museum Miami

–          Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


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