3 Scenes

Benches in O’Neil entrance:

Sitting on the waiting benches before entrance to the third floor of O’Neil, she looked like she didn’t check the weather forecast today. Hunched over, backpack still on back, wearing cropped blue jeans and metallic drenched ballet flats clenching onto a hot beverage cup, her leg was tapping the floor continuously. She had one headphone in her ear and a to-go cafeteria plate with a meal wrapped in sedan wrap next to her on the bench. She continued to clench the coffee cup and click her phone then would take a sip of her coffee and proceed to look at phone again. Finally her friend, dressed accordingly to the weather, meets her at the bench and she takes her headphone out of her ear, looking much more at ease. She places her coffee cup next to her as she has an extensive conversation with her friend, who is still standing up. The girl’s voice was completely masked by her friend’s loud vocals, but at times, she would let out a loud cackle laugh that was surely unique. The girl was now sitting more upright, with her legs crossed listening carefully and at times would softly give her opinion on her friends dramatic grand gestured story

Go Bus Bathroom :

The middle aged man with a round shiny bald head and round belly accompanies his young son to the bathroom at the Go Bus stop in Newton. The boy is wearing beige slightly too short cargo shorts and a Red Sox “#1 fan” shirt accompanied by a Red Sox deep blue hat. The man begins tugging at the rusty metal door of the Men’s bathroom and the door does not open. There are four various signs on the door that read “bathroom for customers only!” “ask front desk to unlock door” “door is locked!” all in big bold letters, but the man ignores all of these. His little son with three missing baby teeth at the front of his mouth tries to point them out to his father but the father hushes him. He secures his feet on the ground tighter and with his sports sunglasses still shielding eyes begins aggressively tugging at the door. The door is now making a subtle banging sound and still won’t open. The man leans his belly on the door as he gives it one last push and tells his son to figure it out as he walks his stout body to the green bench. The little boy shifts his eyes towards the lady across the hall at the desk and to the door and finally someone comes out of the bathroom door and he quickly goes under the mans arm and scurries in.

Sitting Outside Hillside:

The extremely petite blonde girl is nodding her head with tears streaming down her face as she plays with the salad in front of her. She’s wearing black workout leggings and a “Boston College” hoodie with her pin straight hair tightly covering her visage. Her perfectly manicured hand is reached out across the table and the guy sitting her hand is directly on top. The brunette guy still has his backpack on and is donning a Celtics jersey and Adidas track pants. He’s speaking quite softly to her as she continues to nod her head up and down. She picks up a brown crumpled napkin and dabs the tears masking her flushed cheeks and she takes a sip of her smart water. She takes a deep breathe and angrily reaches for her dark blue backpack on the chair beside her and she gets up suddenly. The guy is still talking and she doesn’t look him in the eye and begins to walk  powerfully and briskly towards the Plex.


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