BC Scene

BC Scenes


The Quad


After enduring one of the most grueling winters in recent memory. BC Students have returned to the quad giving our campus a much needed change of pace.  Frisbees flying, footballs spiraling, everyone is out and about trying to make the most of this glorious day. The smiles and energy have produced an atmosphere of pure joy. This is what college looks like. Youthful, joyful, exuberant intellectuals in a common space sharing experiences and adventures. This scene only gets better with the arrival of local pets, of course it’s national pet day. Big, small, cute, tall all sorts of lovable dogs have invaded our campus, spreading their love to anyone who will take it.




Its 83 degrees. Everyone keeps turning their heads to the left and looking out the window. Perhaps thinking of better times, when they weren’t stuck in a boiling hot class room retaining only 30% of what is being taught. What feels like 40 minutes in reality has only been 8, and they desperately being to tap their feet hoping some sort of rhythm would make father time speed up.



Shea field


Beers, booze, baseball. Dozens of people like up along the parking garage, waiting for bird-ball to start play. Grass freshly cut, dirt evenly spread, the players start to take the field. Suddenly there is a moment of absolute silence. The home pitcher winds up, and throws the first pitch. Applauds follow once the ball reaches the catchers hands.


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