Sunday Scenes


With the sun shining outside for the first time and what seems like weeks, she sits in the café furiously typing away on a laptop.  The sun will have to wait until the studies are complete.  A large ice coffee sits on the table, replaced for the first time this year from the usual hot chocolate.  The cup is sweating because even the restaurant is not prepared for the abnormal spring weather. The door opens periodically to let in the fresh air.  A half-eaten scone rests on the plate next to the laptop; a bite taken every once and while when some energy is needed to push through the remaining work.  The sun is getting stronger as the morning minutes begin to wane.  The afternoon is on the horizon.  Her eyes are so close to the screen as she types faster and faster, almost as if she is racing against time. Then the moment finally comes.  The laptop is slammed shut in emphatic fashion and thrown into a black backpack.  With a new pep in her step, she makes her way to the door, beckoning for the long-awaited sun to finally hit her face.

Sidewalk Sale

An avid runner with strong legs excitedly walks towards the Saucony outlet.  It is nestled into the back corner of a shopping plaza, seemingly invisible to the world. A tent meets him with boxes and boxes of shoes and racks and racks of apparel.  All are quality good.  All are on sale.  His eyes widen as he spots a pullover he has been eyeing for months, but not yet willing to pay the full price.  He pulls it over his head and he grins when it fits perfectly.  He takes it off and drapes it over his arm.  On to the next purchase; this sale will not go to waste.  He spots a bright blue pair of sneakers, also on sale.  The box has been added to his pile.  He approaches a sales rack that he seems to have missed during his first walk around the store.  Eyes widen again as he pulls out a pair of running shorts, with a bright orange stripe down the side.  Those too are added to the pile.  It seems that his mission is complete.  With the look of accomplishment on his face he heads for the checkout.  He grins as he swipes his card for he knows how much money he has just saved.


Sunday Dinner

The long island in the small kitchen is filled with food on every inch.  The common color is red with a hint of green.  Four boxes of pizza, one eggplant calzone, and a large green salad.  People line up; their mouths watering from the Italian aroma now flooding the kitchen.  The small kitchen is stuffed full; not prepared for all of these hungry people.  The comforting smell of pizza reaches their noses.  Control is out of their hands.  They have saved the calories for this meal, as slices upon slices fill their plates as everyone grabs a seat around the kitchen table.  Talking has but ceased; food has grabbed everyone’s main attention.  Those who were less ambitious the first go around trek back towards the pizza boxes, hungrily wanting seconds.  Conversation slowly returns, as bellies are become full.  The empty pizza boxes are strewn all over the island as the next course, desert is slowly being prepared.  No one has room, but everyone wants to know what their next course will be.  The mess is cleaned and replaced with warm brownies and gallons of ice cream. They would be treated to a brownie sundae.  They garner the energy to track back to the island where the whole process begins again.


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