Solution Journalism: Serving Up the School Lunches of Tomorrow


This article from the New York Times addresses the issue of school lunches in public schools across the United States. This one focuses specifically on schools in San Francisco. The school of focus partnered with researchers from the Department of Agriculture and the University of California and were chosen for a school lunch pilot program.  The program’s goal is to increase school lunch participation, improve nutrition, reduce waste, and counter tendencies to obesity.

The journalist, Mark Bittman actually visited the school.  While there, he talked with several people.  He talked to the director of the school system’s nutrition services, an associate professor at the school of public health, and some students.

It is clear that Bittman fully immersed himself into the experience.  He saw the new program first hand and was able to make qualified judgments.  He comes to the conclusion that school lunches are healthier than what kids get at home.  The bottom line is that we want kids to be eating school lunches.  The access to the lunches have also been improved. Lunches are served at multiple locations making the lines a non-factor. Nutritional information is also provided to the kids online through an app.

The reader knows that this program is only happening in the San Francisco area, but Bittman makes it clear that it is working.  He makes an example of it and seems to encourage other districts to make the switch.


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