Service Journalism- Flint Water Crisis

On this block, worries run deeper than Flint’s Tainted Water

By Julie Bosman

Publication: New York Times

The Flint water crisis has been a topic of controversy and discussion for years now, but despite the promise to replace lead pipes, the city nonetheless has undergone immense trauma as a result of the ongoing issue. Bosman brings to light that this crisis has brought about unemployment, crime, diminished property values, and financial struggles to much of the community- all of which have been disregarded by the media when talking about Flint.
She trails through Zimmerman St, a small neighborhood in Flint, once a comfortable and modest block that now faces dilapidation and destruction. As she goes through the different houses to have individuals tell their stories and experiences, she brings to light gun violence, robberies, arson, and the financial struggle these individuals endure. Many houses remain abandoned as those fortunate enough to have the means to flee were able to and others in an act of desperation have lit their houses on fire in an attempt to reap the insurance benefits and leave the community.
Residents complain of not being able to leave their homes in the evening due to the impending violence and fear. Others are unable to find employment as the city has been run down due to the water crisis. One resident recounted a robbery she heard nearby, called the police, and they never came despite her multiple attempts. The water crisis and the attention brought to it have destroyed the city in so many ways, unknown to many, and Bosman’s New York Times article reassures the individuals of this community that their plight is being heard.


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