Social Journalism Article

Robert McLeod’s Huffington Post article, “The Left Must Do More to Support Women in the Muslim World” is a great example of social journalism where the author provides statistical evidence to reference the unfair treatment of Muslim women in the Arab world.

McLeod begins with a clear idea of what he will discuss and sets up the social issue of the maltreatment of Muslim women in the Arab world, using research from Pew Research Center surveys and UNICEF reports and a brief video on the Liberal Muslim. The Pew Research Center surveys investigate Muslim attitudes towards women in a number of societies , while the UNICEF reports involving honor killings, and the need to obey men within the Muslim world. After providing strong arguments that bring numbers to the social issue in order to raise a stronger sense of awareness, McLeod addresses the Left by stating that it must be apart of the Liberal mission to discuss the maltreatment of women.

I thought that McLeod’s article brings to the surface an important social issue and successfully is able to make it relatable by explaining how the social issue is important to the Liberal political group.





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