Solutions Journalism Analysis

In “The Remarkable Story of the County That Has Done the Most to Reduce Income Inequality in America,” author Chris Peak employs several strategies to inform readers about an interesting approach to the issue of the wealth gap in America. Often prominent social critiques overlook current models of constructive social change, and so emerging creative ideas can be difficult to find. Chris Peak’s piece tracks a major problem and reveals how an unlikely source (Boone County, Indiana) was able to find a solution. This is both a compelling story and also offers a concrete solution to the problem of income inequality concerning many Americans. The piece begins with a background on the history of both income inequality and suburban life, and, utilizing credible sources and solid evidence, explains the links between the two and how this particular area in Indiana is using this connection to solve a problem. Organizing the piece in this way promotes reader understanding and keeps the reader’s attention. Further, Chris explains the solution, but also notes its limitations and uncertainties. This ensures the story is not read as a puff piece, rather brings insight about how the world works, how people are trying to implement new ideas, and the observable results.


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