This course will introduce students to the creative process of magazine publishing, from conception to execution. Students will learn what distinguishes magazine stories from newspapers and how to pitch story ideas for all sections of a publication.

This class is as much about the creation of magazines as it is about writing for them. Therefore, in addition to the assigned readings, students are expected to follow media news and familiarize themselves with the business of magazines. They should be prepared to read and discuss major magazine stories as they are released in the course of the semester. These class discussions will be part of your grade.

Writing assignments will vary week by week, but will include Q&A’s, front-of-book features, developing the elements in themed issue packages, and work on story development for magazine features and profiles. In addition to these assignments, students are required to maintain a blog where they will post class assignments and commentary.

The class will provide instruction on creating online content, and will also introduce students to the rigors of the fact-checking and story research process. Upon conclusion, students will be well prepared for an internship or entry-level position at a magazine.